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Comment: I think the first anti-Zionists have always been . . .

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I think the first anti-Zionists have always been . . .

Jews. Jews who saw what was happening when Zionism took over in the 1800s; Jews who were on the front line.

Unfortunately, many of them were killed by Nazis--

but those who have survived have to fight enemies on both fronts--

they have to fight the Zionists (ideologically, if not physically; most anti-Zionist Jews are very peaceable people)--

and they have to fight the ignorance of people who over-generalize and translate anything with "Israel" in it to "Jews"--

these people need our help and support now more than ever--

These are the people who taught *me* that there are different scriptures for different groups of Jews. These are the people whose ideological/spiritual ancestors stood up to Zionism when it first began and ended up being shouted down.

These are the people that some on DP who are pro-Israel will laugh at and say are not legitimate.

Who decides who is legitimate and who is not?

There are a few real Christians in the world, too. Sadly, not many, but there are some who actually take the words of Jesus Christ at face value and try to live as He admonished.

Jews who believe that being a Jew makes a person less violent, not more violent . . . also exist. They need the support and acceptance of Christians who also take their religion seriously.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--