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Comment: More of a Joke By the Minute

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More of a Joke By the Minute

I stopped buying any of it after it was REPORTED that these guys decided a good time to rob a 7/11 was while their faces were on every TV news station. What are we supposed to believe they wanted the money for? Were they going to go to Logan and buy a ticket?
Luckily after the robbery they decided to carjack someone so now we have a hard witness, who just happens to be a cop. This would be laughable except for the FACT that these guys introduced themselves to the cop as being the guys who bombed the marathon.
Give me a flipping break.
I'd change the channel but it's on every station and has been all week. Same tag line over and over.
Has anyone been able to get a weather forecast? It looks like it might rain but I have no idea since I'm being blacked out from usable information.