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Comment: Get the Recruiters

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Get the Recruiters

The father is full of crap.

The question is, why do two illegals who have taken the best of what America has to offer (if we can believe reports that one was a med student and the other, a good student who had taken part in acting, sports, had lots of friends and was considered 'normal') suddenly turn into jihadis???

Who recruited them? According to their uncle who praised America and asked the nephew that is still alive to turn himself in (the med student is dead I heard) this is not the attitude of most Chechens... and they brought shame to their homeland.

So somewhere along the line SOMEONE must have recruited them to do this. Whether it was an organized terrorist group or FBI entrapment specialists, THAT IS THE QUESTION.

Unless of course they saw it on Family Guy and just decided to copy that on their own... the lone wolf theory.

That said, is it any wonder people were suspicious of this being a FF, when every single MSM outlet was immediately talking about 'teaparty' right wing violence? The nerve of these bastids, when the tea party has not had so much as a parking ticket and violence from the 'right' or 'patriots' is VERY RARE. Most violence has been perped by the LEFT (from William Ayers in the 1960s who appeared at OWS with those violent nutjobs, the Unibomber, Amy Bishop the Obama bot, Joe Stack, the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building and wrote a Marxist goodbye letter, James Holmes, to the ricin perpetrator, and many others... )


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