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Comment: what I am seeing is . . .

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what I am seeing is . . .

DP commentators being affected emotionally by the reporting of the MSM from the last few days--

*We* are being played. It will take years, not months, before the truth is known--

and *we* will be caught up, emotionally and physically (time spent in front of screens)--

and not take care of the business at hand.

I am tired of being played. I am tired of being tricked and cheated and encouraged to make a fool of myself.

I feel sorry for this (these) young man (men)--and their families. I have a feeling that it's the same scenario as what happened to Lee Harvey Oswald--and the other 'lone' "terrorists"--

or perhaps they are even more innocent than Oswald was--

it's an evil world, and I want to find another world to inhabit for a while.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--