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Comment: Isn't that part of the danger in being a spy? Death

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Isn't that part of the danger in being a spy? Death

I'm not saying "it's all right". I'm saying the USA was WRONG and remain WRONG because these men died on duty, and received NO reccognition, but rather they were hidden in shame.

USS Liberty was wrong and why the USA covered it up rather than go to war with Israel.

In Solzenitchen's, GuLag Archipelago, he talks about Jews who were arrested by Stalin's Communist Regime for being Jewish.. tens of thousands wrote to Roosevelt begging for amnesty. Without any sponsor in the USA, the letters were returned, to Stalin, who assassinated hundreds of millions, just for being Jewish.

While Russia and Germany are the most notorius for anti-Jews, they are not alone. Many nations wanted to expell their Jewish population, and that's why the League of Nations moved to provide a place to dump their unwanted Jewish populations.

As for Israel being a child.. this is where Ron Paul makes a great case.. Israel is grown up and can take care of its self, so we should dis-entangle ourselves and let Israel be Israel.. but we won't.. and that's what get's me about us.

As for being ashamed for the USA.. the truth is, we are a very generous people who actually do more good than bad.. really.. every where you go Americans are donating, volunteering, educating, mission and what have you.. building homes for Palestinians.. So while our politics leave much to be desired, many people like Americans. Our bigger problem is the same as Israel's.. that UN Agenda trying to make us all Palestine in the name of equality.

I don't see the U.N. doing anything about the U.S.S. Liberty.. but what's worse to me, is that USA doesn't do something to honor the men who died doing their jobs. It was not their fault their government put them in an illegal area and they got caught.