Comment: Yep, This Event, However Tragic Has Helped

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Yep, This Event, However Tragic Has Helped

This has helped to open people's eyes. None of it makes sense. Just on the surface, you have all the alphabet terror organizations, plus Israeli terror police...and guess got terror!!!

Doesn't make must sense for such a force to be needed to catch two boys. Rediculous. Pure signs of police state. This sort of thing does scare people, but maybe not as might just scare them into waking up. A large part of the population is out there proclaiming with direct evidence that our government in the past has without a doubt staged violence against it's own people to facilitate political agendas. Complete distrust in the "news" is growing by leaps and bounds. A realization that Hollywood, television programming and the "news" are corporate owned controlled. Everyone was so mesmerized for so long that they never considered how those media sources could be used so powerfully to distract, cover-up, and sell lies.

Anyways, even the die hard Obama supporters I know are not liking what he's up to. Especially on guns, they know perfectly well he's lying about the 90% figure....and I just tell them that is the tip of the iceberg...the guy is a gangster, organized criminal, in it for million, billions, trillions. Just one example of outright theft is that long time senator Reid, making sure his son in law is written a check for 5 billion dollars to "research energy ideas with China" (meanwhile, the auto maker Tesla is keep out the lime light). Senator Reid's scam for 5 billion is just a small example, the big money goes out to contractors and weapons manufacturers of this contrived "war on terror". Keep waking people up, with increased fervor now more than ever.