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Re:"If all the people who study different aspects of reality come to the conclusion then god is not a good answer to any questions therein,"

Which conclusion are you talking about? I missed something.
If 'all' people came to the same conclusion on anything, I would be surprised.

RE: "it means to me that there is no positive proof of god in ANY field."

Why should someone expect proof of God in automotive science? Shouldn't you be looking more at philosophy? I suppose someone could use a transcendental argument to say that automotive science couldn't be accounted for apart from the existence of God, but that would still be in the field of philosophy. There are plenty of positive arguments or proofs for the existence of God (eg. cosmological argument), but they are in philosophy and meta-science. If you don't know about them you probably haven't been paying attention. Atheism on the other hand has no positive argument; it merely resorts to a denial of positive arguments for God, which is not a positive case for atheism.

RE:"The latter bit is true. But as science casts its light into more dark corners, there are few places left where god can scurry and hide. That is why the number of atheists is rapidly growing."

Don't underestimate the social factors involved. There are a lot of social and political factors involved in these sorts of things, and atheism is pushed socially in the same way religion can be pushed socially. So I'm not convinced your argument about why there is a number change is valid.

RE:" Trust me,"

heh heh.. that's not an argument.

RE: "if a good scientist is doing good research and publishing papers, no uni versity will let him go."

Ben Stein's 'expelled' movie disproves that.