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Is owned by, you guessed it. The Federal Reserve.

DTCC is the actual LEGAL owner of every publicly issued stock share in the United States. Read that again. They are the ACTUAL OWNERS. Not you, not directors of the board, not the banks, banking houses, stock trading companies, no one. DTCC is the ACTUAL LEGAL OWNER of every share of stock of every public company in the United States.

When "stocks" are bought and sold on the market, what is actually bought or sold are beneficiary rights issued against the actually, legally owned stock.

Fortunately (for now,) that makes the beneficiary owner the effective owner, but that's merely current statutory policy, as the actual, legal owner remains the DTCC. If policy changes, your effective ownership could also change.

In other words, this nation's "capitalist" system is actually communism (all shares of all public companies owned by the government) that happens to currently allow "capitalism" under the current policy of those rights afforded by statute to beneficiary owners.

Truth is often stranger than fiction.