Comment: It was quite a show!

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It was quite a show!

The real truth about what happened in Boston may never be known. It was quite a show though! Tanks, Helicopters, bombs, grenades, automatic machine gun on lockdown, code reds, code blacks...etc...etc.... Yeah, never mind it was two boys they were after...those boys were those dreaded "extremist" types, they are super powerful, remember Lanza, the 120 weakling who could carry his own body weight, break through doors, and unload a round every 2 seconds (average time including clip changes), with pin point accuracy....all victims dead.

What is clear is that there is now justification set for an increased police presence in the United States. Israeli forces were in Boston as well, I think they are just boiling the water slowly to keep too many frogs from trying to jump to freedom.

Makes me wonder what the rest of April will bring. I think turning the US into a police state before the banker's collapse is paramount.