Comment: Yeah. Pathetic.

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Yeah. Pathetic.

One 8-year-old dies here and everyone is horrified, disgusted, defiant, and wants to kick some serious ass.

Overseas they could fill whole dump trucks with all of the 8-year-olds who have been burned alive, suffocated, DU'ed, and otherwise blown into ground fucking beef by our bombs, etc.

Then assholes here in the US say stupid shit like:

"Huh. Kid should have had better parents who weren't terrorists!"

And what about the Oklahoma City Bombing? Never mind all of the controversy surrounding it, people have signed sworn affidavits revealing that the BATF personnel who worked in the building were paged NOT to go into work that day and that they knew there was a threat... but then they let a whole childcare center full of beautiful youngsters get destroyed.

Spoiled, utterly detached, self-absorbed people. Crocodile tear-weeping politicians. Federal law enforcement agencies which do not protect and serve. Utter bullshit.

What would the Founders do?