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Comment: To me it is all just done

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To me it is all just done

To me it is all just done little by little to indoctrinate you into your new lifestyle under complete rule.

Look at the Sandy Hook Performance, I mean tragedy. They want to talk about how traumatic it is to everyone involved and how they will be providing counseling, but just weeks after, schools all over are running terror drills of break ins. Some of them including blank rounds being shot inside the schools. And how is that justified?

Or the continuous military drills within our boarders in major cities where again blank shots are being fired.
So when the time comes to lock you into a camp, you accept it as normal. And don't forget we have to educate the kids early on that this is normal.

What really got me pissed was they told people stay inside and don't open the door for anyone except police. Screw that, those are the last ones I want to open my door to. Another way of getting the people use to unlawful searches.

I can rant on for hours about this, I have been watching this unravel waiting for the end for a few years now. In a way I want it to hold out for a few more months until I am in a better housing situation, but on the other hand I want it to just come crashing down already so we can try to start over.

We are currently to the point where these 'terrorist' attacks are happening so rapidly we cant even process the information, let along expose false flags. This week alone we have had 3 separate incidents (or did I miss some?) It cant get much worse.