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Comment: That's Mossad.

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That's Mossad.

Like the guys dancing on the parking garage roof top as the towers were coming down and later caught in a white van.

Let's not confuse Israeli Police w/ Mossad, and let's not collectivize all Israeli's as being for "bombing other people and the Twin Towers and WTC 7."

I'm an American. Sometimes my country engages in state sponsored false flag terrorism. Do I like it? No. Does that make all Americans terrorists? No. Does the actions of our CIA drone striking children in Pakistan mean that my local Police department is going to bomb me? No. The worst I will suffer from them is violations of my civil rights, being unlawfully detained, and a good beating. Shot if I do something stupid. They won't bomb me with anything bigger than a flash bang, right after the SWAT team kicks in my door. The only explosives they use are probably the ones used for blowing the hinges off of doors come to think of it.