Comment: Congress and their cronies.

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Congress and their cronies.

Congress created a banking cartel with monopoly control of the money supply.

Banks join the cartel by purchasing stock from the US Treasury. The Comptroller of the Currency keeps a record of who pays in reserves and issues stock.

Congress guarantees Reserve members 6% profit on paid in reserves after expenses. Reserve members spare no expenses.

Any profits above 6% are paid to the US Treasury as a franchise tax.

Bankers lobby Congress so Congress know what legislation will maximize the franchise tax paid. For example, arbitration regulations that favored banking would be good for the US and keep the Treasury healthy.

The Federal Reserve is a baby of Congress. It is not likely that Congress will begin biting the hand that feeds it after 99 years of happy service.

Bankers, Congress and the Press all colluding to steal our birthright.

Free includes debt-free!