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Yeah, that's how I thought I heard it, too ...

... but "counseling" by the FBI??? WTF???

I saw an interview on TV with an auto repair guy who said the younger kid and his friends bring their cars in to have fixed all the time. He said the friends all are from other countries, like Turkey, and they all have money and drive expensive cars -- Range Rover, Porsche, etc.

But, he said the kid did not have that kind of money but the girlfriend had a Mercedes, which the kid had brought in for her to have worked on. On Tuesday, day after bombing, kid is nervous and wants car back.

So, I was thinking that maybe there might have been a money motive of some sort, since friends live good, but they don't have the cool stuff.

But then they rob the 7/11. WTF?

As I write this, I am watching cop give press conference and he says (a) the guys did NOT rob the 7/11, they were just there around the same time, and (b) cop has no idea what kind of car they might have. When asked, he was "not aware of any Mercedes." ????????