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These same guys are seen exiting...

and congregating around CST Vehicles:

Is it reasonable to believe that anyone other than the CSTs would be using their vehicles?

These vehicles are CST vehicles:

Here are identical vehicles from Oregon's 102nd CST:

And they are wearing the same uniforms as the other CSTs seen here minus the placard (some of these CSTs are not wearing a vest with a placard either in this picture):

And lack of the identifying placard on them, does not prove they are not CSTs, if they wanted to remain somewhat inconspicuous they wouldn't be wearing the Kevlar vests with the placards on them, it is only after the bombing that some of the CSTs don Kevlar vests.

Here are pictures of known CSTs wearing black and khaki: , , , , and

Here in black and Khaki and standing next to one of their trucks:

Here with a backpack that looks identical to those of the uniformed men in Boston:

And the guy with the open Jacket is not wearing a shirt with the Craft logo, look closer:

In fact the logo looks closer to this (the CST emblem):

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