Comment: They were controlled by someone.

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They were controlled by someone.

Their folks claim set-up. The mom said the FBI was involved in some fashion with her son(s) for five years. She said she knows because the FBI would talk to her about her son(s).

It didn't take me long to wonder if the bombing was executed by these guys as controlled patsies of agents of our own government, much like in the plots of many action thrillers these days. Why? Well, look at how easy it was to impose martial law in a major US city in the wake of the bombings.

As for HOW, we really have to consider the potential of scopolamine in horrific attacks like these. It's easy to get. Who knows, maybe it can even be derived form loco weed, our local form of Datura. Check it out if you're unfamiliar with it:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.