Comment: Great Way to Quiet Those Conspiracy Theorists Nutcases

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Great Way to Quiet Those Conspiracy Theorists Nutcases

See, when they do give glen their damning evidence video then it makes those questioning the gubmint look bad.

This is pure speculation, but a hypothesis would be that these two boys did in fact work for the FBI. Apparently there was a formal connection for quite some time, according to their mother. Perhaps they did in fact lay a backpack for the FBI as part of a bomb drill. Maybe they met with the FBI at the 7-11, and maybe knowing they had been set up, they fought for their lives and ran.

Apparently they had walked to the 711, fought with a police officer there, and used his own gun to kill him. That would indicate they themselves were unarmed...yet were firing guns and throwing grenades in the chase. That could have all been just show...who knows.

One thing for sure, is that the huge police/terror fighting presence seems way, way overdone. That I think was the motive of all of this. Notice that it's front page news everywhere, and blasted on every network non stop....despite the disaster in TX being a lot bigger death toll and story really. Sure signs of a scripted event, with all the tell tale super media coverage.