Comment: Saw something troubling today: his pupils on MSM

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Saw something troubling today: his pupils on MSM

I saw this today on a public TV and had to take a picture:

I thought it might be useful at a future date, because his pupils appear rather dilated -- just like other recent mass murderers. I've read speculation that their pupils were dilated digitally, to make them seem more frightening. I've also read that it could be the result of MK ULTRA conditioning.

While browsing through the pictures of the attached article, I saw this one:

In it, his pupils are not dilated. He also appears to be younger, so if it's not digital it could be before the conditioning.

Or perhaps he was just walking from a dark place to a well-lit place, and the picture was snapped at the exact moment. There are likely other possibilities. Still, I thought I'd share what I saw.

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