Comment: still judging?

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still judging?

and a man of god?
why do you expect everyone to act just as you do?
AJ is AJ,and he does what he does,and speaks the way he does
you nor I can expect anyone else to act the way we do
or talk of things we do not like
if we all did that life would be boring and counter-productive
as we would get nothing done
you need to leave people alone and to act the way they are designed
by their to be,you did not create nothing,so you cannot judge nothing
AJ was created by the very god you purport to follow,and yet
you slam him and AJ at every chance you get
you not judge AJ,you judge the ones who listen to him,and you judge the one who created them all
judge by the same measure you will be judged with
one cannot love the creator and not the creation
everything on this planet is another's creation,and it is not yours
you nor I created anything(we re-create what has already been created

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence