Comment: Yeah, the Story is Pretty Convoluted

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Yeah, the Story is Pretty Convoluted

Moral of the story is....Militant police in the streets is ok. Ordered strip searches of Americans because they might have a bomb up their a$$.

Remember, they are here to protect us. They even managed to get a round of applause for the great protectors.

What a show. Meanwhile the tragedy in Texas cost far more lives, yet all this boston thing is front page everywhere. They don't even mess around...they refer to the suspects as perpetrators in their scripts. The unwitting viewers of that brainwashing infused disaster porn, cheer blindly without ever thinking for a second that there has been no evidence shown to convict these young men. The million dollars a year talking heads will read whatever script they are told to.

Just the fact that is the prime time show on the reality news networks.....makes one suspicious.