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My friend...

but how do we UNITE people?

Is it under the banner of conspiracy or unity..? Will freedom and Liberty bring more people to our side? Or will conspiracy and conjecture continue to seperate us from our cause?

How can we convince Americans that our cause is honest and just?

We believe in this message, how can we convey our belief system on our peers?

If not us.. Who?

It is my personal belief that we are the last remnants of a Constitutional society hell bent on protecting what few rights remain. We have the power to change the world.. again.

I remain just as passionate as everyone here but my conviction tells me to do what ever it takes to win!

Lee Atwater was a political mastermind. He was devious. He was cunning. He was ruthless. He was willing to win at all costs. He understood what it takes to win.

It is my sincere hope that our movement recognizes his contribution. If we want to win.. dont expect a fair fight.. fight dirty as hell.

We wont have this opportunity again.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul