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I don't think we can, or anyone can

I don't think we can, or anyone can, really "unite" consciously, purposely the people. We're not the users of psy-ops or propaganda, precisely, we're in the other camp...

The people are individuals that we can only hope make themselves converge independently to the same simpler, more moral, and more rational also ideas and values that we are the defenders, guardians of - encouraging though: in growing numbers, we are.

It's mostly through education again, that Ron Paul intends to continue this effort, and a bit of politics, why not, but as I pointed out: we will waste our effort, IMO, if we try to do politics without imposing honest, fair debates of ideas and not a false pretense of those.

The people will unite by itself without us having to use any conscious force to control or direct it: by rediscovering these ideas and values in liberty, by itself, values which are in vast, vast majority absolutely natural - non-aggression, individual freedom, respect for private property, for honest work, keeping the fruits of one's own work, or resting on one's own savings, etc.

What we need to do is suggest the people how to UNLEARN that, for some odd reason, their fate was to be managed by a state which knows better than they do - the Superman Idea and its fallacy.

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