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Despite the low probability

Despite the low probability that uniformed personnel near the finish line MIGHT be ANG CST, my main focus continues to be the hired mercenaries of Craft International who MIGHT have been involved in a sting operation with the FBI or even actions more nefarious. If so, the result was reckless carnage and total irresponsibility of the planners in conducting an operation amidst a large crowd. Why were hired mercenaries involved? Why were ANG CST apparently deployed away from the finish line with personnel from Craft International assuming a "support" role at the finish line with some of them wearing CST placards? These questions need to be seriously pursued, not the circus in outlying areas of Boston where the 2nd and 4th amendments were more heavily infringed while federal agencies ran roughshod over the area in pursuit of their patsies. Granted, we don't know the whole truth. We know only what is available from evidence and the propaganda machine.