Comment: Its the same M.O. over and over

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Its the same M.O. over and over

innocent people terrorized for no reason. Shady circumstances all around. Media talking heads playing the script. Targeted disinformation being intertwined from all angles. A deep event with no real answers. Evidence destroyed and hidden. Pictures that do not show details. And as always the tyrannical barbarians expanding their tyranny over the population.

Now the "FBI" tells us that we should only look at their information and disregard all other information all while saying we are the eyes and ears. Double speak from a bureaucratic bobble head tool bag at its worst.

The M.O tells me this is another false flag by the rogue criminal elements in and ultimately supported by a fiat currency under the control of centralized power. The FBI statements and complete lockdown of Boston demonstrates that this operation just took us one step closer to their dream of an all out NAZI style authoritarian state tyranny. The rogue cops, FBI, CIA, Mercenaries and others out there that are actively conspiring and facilitating these acts of terrorism for the purpose of expanding their unlawful power and police state need to be routed out brought before a jury and given the death penalty. It is clear they want to build a police state and implement their camps for total control and these deep events are their same M.O. for achieving their ends.

The sooner We the People turn our investigations to them the sooner we can have justice.

After seeing how the FBI handled the 9-11 cover-up, all of these repeated bobble head psyop patsy entrapment schemes, OKC and WTC bombings, WACO, cointelpro and more it is clear that the FBI is so damn corrupt it should be disbanded.

To the psychopathic terrorists out there you can go to hell with your police state. The camps is the line in the sand. You open the camps and attempt mass round ups then the gloves will come off the American People and you will find out how badly mistaken your assumptions are.

Oh wait that's why you need to take the guns away. That way you can just ask people to get on the train for their safety. Same story different tyrants.

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