Comment: honestly I don't think the details matter the state always wins

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honestly I don't think the details matter the state always wins

Consparcy here, there, this one, or that one...doesn't matter the state won this week. Or as I usually put it..."The terrorists have won." To those outside libertarian circles that means the state took the bait and helped the terrorists terrorize citizens; To those on the hardcore side of libertarian-ism it simple means the state won, since the state is the true terrorist to all free people.

Look they had a huge city on lock down over a wounded 19 year old kid that may or may not have been armed and dangerous with a crock pot. Boston lost any and all respect from me. What an utter bunch of wussies. The Government says stay in your house because a skinny little punk might have a gun? STFU!

And look He was caught as soon as a scared pussy ass Bostonian was finally told by fatherland security it was safe to go outside and grab some fresh air. The state didn't catch him the people of Boston did. Note: If any of you are in a similar situation disobey all orders. Wander your lawn, look around and if you see a body don't expect it to jump out and bite you! Its another human being, not some monster like the state would have you believe. Talk, to him maybe, help his wounds? The best thing anyone in this situation could have done was haul the poor kid out and take him to the hospital and then tell police " you know that skinny 19 year old kid you were so scared of? Yea I just took him to the hospital...he is here if you want him; pussies!" " and no I didn't have to shoot my gun!"

And look if they would have released the photo's right away they would have caught them sooner. Instead the stare got every ounce of power out of this they could. They played their cards just right so everyone quivered and waited for the fatherland to protect them. Of course the media plays a crucial role in cranking up the fear, but the state always wants everyone to be scared and look to it as the great protector.

Lew Rockwell had a great post up today about how the fire fighters in West Texas are not getting honored like the first responders in Boston because they are all volunteer so there for they are private forces not state forces.

They govern the masses by fear and this event they played the fear fiddle like a champ!

Now they will parlay this new fear into more wait and see.

Robert Higgs can explain it to you just watch his YouTube vids.