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Let's Say They Release A Video

As you suggest, showing the supposed suspect planting the bomb. Do you honestly think the kind of minds that planned the Gulf of Tonkin wouldn't take the time to film their agent planting the bomb?

You make it sound like such a video explains everything that's happened. Does it explain the "Craft" agents at the finish line? Does it explain the bomb-drill announcement to the crowd? Does it explain the picture of suspect 1 walking around (without any bullet holes) following his supposed shootout? Does it explain the suspect being sighted at the Boston courthouse, and then the quick turnaround by the MSM claiming he hadn't actually been captured?

What surprises me is how poorly they control these staged events. That's why they need censorship of the internet (CISPA), so we can no longer communicate with each other about all the flaws in the official story. The internet is the greatest threat to their control over public thought.