Comment: In my view, police has done an awesome job.

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In my view, police has done an awesome job.

1. FBI and police remember another case few months ago when a deranged policeman had broken into winter sky house (when he was on the run) and held two women hostage. Back to Boston: breaking into houses was the only way to make sure residents were not being held at gun point by the terrorist.

2. Our populists do not care about individual rights of the victims or justice. They simply push their agressive agenda against the state at any cost. So in their mindless populism they lose logic. For example, the populists were the ones whining AGAINST cameras in the streets. Many of the populists are Rothbardian-type anarchists. In that case, victims would never get justice if Chechen and muslim folks could get a stronger private security firm to defend their terrorist against those who would chip in to hire another security firm to catch the terrorist... In any case, private arbitrations would argue about what rules to adapt since there would be no government to set universal laws. :)