Comment: One point of confusion and curiosity....

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One point of confusion and curiosity....

As the boys' aunt say, "Where is the evidence?" Obviously, her way of saying "innocent until proven guilty".
But here is where the confusion comes in. Their mother staed (on teh phone) that the FBI had close tabs on them for 3 to 5 years. If these two sons of her are so "innocent", why has the FBI been locked in on them? To my way of thinking, the FBI does not keep close tabs on you unless you are leading a shady life. I think she even said that the FBI was "controlling" them. again....why? What what it aboptu these brothers that would make the "persons of strong interest" to the FBI? THAT is NOT normal....and we are talking about the FBI, as opposed to the police.
Here's one more poin of interest. During Friday evening, I was watching a new cast where one guy, who appeared to be involved with the police force, was being interviewed by a newcaster. The "police force guy" said something to the effect that during that shootout, one brother threw his backpack at the police, but it landed on the ground. Apparently, there was a "pressure cooker bomb" in that backpack. He also said they sound homemade grenades on him.
If this is TRUE, why would a so-called "innocent" 19-year-old be roaming those city streets while toting a pressure cooker bomb and hand grenades? That is, unless we are being lied to.....or the information is simply incorrect. As I said, this is simply my point of confusion. Hopefully, the TRUTH will be revealed.

Meanwhile, that CISPA internet Bill is making it's way thru the doors of approval. Man, those people are SOOOOO obssessed withy money, power and control. And they spin the CISPA bill as being something that is good for us. Arghhh!!!

Robby Lane