Comment: Anyone bet Dzhokhar does not survive and dies in the hospital?

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Anyone bet Dzhokhar does not survive and dies in the hospital?

Or was perhaps already dead and all staged to make sure we think they made every effort to keep him alive to satisfy the thought we would get to hear his side of the story? Was there even one picture of the boy being put in the ambulance that showed he was alive and could be identified by the average person to truly be this kid? Every aspect of this tragedy as it unfolded was hidden from the public view. At night and in areas where only law enforcement were still allowed access. Why do the police always clear out the people and create their own private venue to carry out their operations? Has there been any evidence that actually shows the alleged shoot out with police or any other details of the post marathon incident where these suspects were undeniably identifiable? It is a horrible feeling to not trust our government to tell us the truth, but virtually everyone who knew these two kids supports the idea that it would be virtually unthinkable they would perpetrate these horrible crimes. Really do not think he will live to tell his story. Sorry to have virtually lost all faith in our once amazing concept in freedom and a constitutional republic. I actually hope I am dead wrong and this kid lives to tell everyone straight in the eye that he and his brother fooled everyone and absolutely did these atrocities. That is perhaps the one and only way any remaining faith I have in our government to act in our interest might be preserved.