Comment: Look what happened to Breitbart.

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Look what happened to Breitbart.

If you're gonna shoot, shoot, don't talk.

Look what happened to Breitbart.

On a second note, and I'm sorry, but Glenn Beck just doesn't feel right to me. I hope he turns out to be the changed man he says he is, I really do. The conspiracy talking head on one shoulder is saying the liberty movement, or at least the millions of mainstream folks who might bite at the lure are being tricked into giving him the leader of the libertarian movement crown. <--- to be later be used against us.

Throw in the possibility that Alex Jones overreacted ( the verdict is not out yet, but....? ) and now Beck has this big breaking news. With some strategic coordination by all the news outlets, Jones could have his hat handed to him and Beck could be launched.

Do you really think Beck would hold on to and warn the Empire that they are going down and American lives will be changed forever with his breaking news.