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As much as I can't stand Jones, and considering he likely did go

overboard on this one, I don't think it is going to do "conspiracy theorists" any damage if this turns out to be just a regular crime with no 'inside job' component.

That's because people I've NEVER spoken to about this sort of stuff, are telling ME they think this all stinks to high heaven, and now they doubt Sandy Hook, Aurora and some even are questioning 9/11.

I think critical mass has been reached. People are waking up on their own and they are waking up fast, and in large numbers, perhaps already exponentially.

It doesn't matter if THIS incident was really just two bad guys and that's all - people who were formerly asleep and would never even contemplate inside jobs on the other incidents are now doing so.

The NWO crowd always over plays their hand - they've done it again. They woke up enough Americans and pissed off enough, they are so brazen in so many other areas that even a real event will be deemed to be a conspiracy now.

There is no trust left in government at all.

The emporer is wearing no clothes and finally, the People at large consider it common knowledge.

I don't trust Beck either, he has to earn that, and even then, I will always be skeptical of him because of his past behavior.

But Jones, for all his failings and personality flaws has accomplished what he set out to do from the beginning - wake people up.

The danger is now - is someone going to feed the masses a new narritive in their groggy state to put them back to sleep, or will they get cold water on their face and never look back?

I think as much as people knew Koresh was a bad guy that needed to be brought to justice, Americans don't sit well with the worl wide live television murder of all those women and children - being burned to death. When it became known they could have arrest Koresh in town, alone, at any time, people take it even worse. Those people should have been rescued from Koresh's manipulation and brainwashing, not become victims of an American Holocaust. (yes, innocent people, burned alive even - no zyklonB first - simply because they were duped by an evil man and were devout in their religious beliefs.)

On April 20th, 1993, there was no doubt anymore that America was just as lost as Germany ca. 1930s.

Americans deep down knew what happened that day was an unthinkable evil. And they watched as no one was held accountable for it.

I think Americans put 9/11 in the backs of their minds, not just for the tragedy, but because 8 years previous, they had already been shown just how evil our own government can get, with no accountability.

The system broke down because we placed faith in Men instead of binding them down with the chains of the Constitution.

By September 11, 2001 - there was no system, only its facade.

I would say most Americans know this, even if they won't openly admit it yet.

But more and more are doing so.

They have finally grown weary. They see now, there is no way out but through.

Everyone except the NWO crowd wants a peacefull solution.

The problem is tyrants never peacefully give up.

We might benefit with a more drawn out scenario than even I once thought. If more people are awake, less people will be against each other. This will provide the time to focus on our common enemy - tyranny.

Maybe then, we'll get the chance to show how our justice system really works, rather than being forced to take up arms in defense of Ourselves and our Liberty and start all over again.

It seems as of late, we might have reached the point where everything is considered an "inside job" by the majority.

The fact that the MSM refuses to acede to this makes it even more obvious and entrenches the idea even further in people's minds.

They are caught in a quandry - if they expose the conspiracies like a real journalist would - then they foil their own plans.

But if they black out real journalism - if they black out the truth - then they lose all trust of the People and become co-conspirators - effectively useless in furthering their own plans.

When that time comes, if it has not already, then we will be very near our own peaceful reformation.