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It is alleged, by the kidnapped carjack victim, these two guys said they did it! They are the ones who allegedly, again, killed the cop. I don't think anyone is going to wait for an "arrest warrant" to shoot back when they are being fired upon, cop or not! ARREST WARRANT MY ASS!

Then again, they were stupid enough to shoot a hole through the boat!? Did the cops not get training that tells them that they identify their target, first? Shooting blindly through doors, walls (and boats) is against all sane gun rules! Maybe a lot of them should not be allowed to carry guns. They should have never fired a single shot through the boat!

I wonder how long it took them to figure out how to take the tarp off of the boat! The guy could not see through the darned boat. (FLIR could see him!?) Crawl under it, cut the straps and pull the thing off. They needed a robot to do it for them because they were too cowardly to figure out how to do it, simply, without being seen?