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Isn't it obvious?

They've been brainwashed.

We all know that you're brainwashed if you think the gov't is a force for good, but for some people the pendulum has swung fully in the opposite direction and all evil must be the government's doing.

It's all our nothing for these people. From the outset they wanted it to be a false flag. As details unfolded they adjusted their narrative to fit the facts, twisted inaccurate reports into slips of the truth, and imagined a lack of investigation because they haven't been hand delivered all the evidence and were not invited into FBI headquarters for meetings.

Meanwhile the rational among us believing innocence, false flag, setup, or guilt, wait for the FACTS without being presumptive or jumping to conclusions.

We should remind everyone that the government is just a collection of men and that evil doesn't come from government but from men.