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Police broke into Boston homes...

They terrorized people, in the name of what? There are many thousands of armed and dangerous criminals out there, but they don't lock down a whole city and neighborhoods to try and find those criminals!!

The teen and his brother most likely had NO GUNS, yet the older & presumed innocent brother was killed. The ONLY people cheering were mindless numb nuts the Media wanted to focus on to JUSTIFY the behavior of the government which emanated from the WHITE HOUSE and the FBI.

NO WARRANT was ever issued, as they didn't have enough evidence to get a warrant from a Judge. Instead, the FBI convicts this teen in the MEDIA without proof, and even MORE SUSPICIOUSLY without admitting publicly the FBI had trained Special Ops & the hired "Craft" guys with BLACK backpacks all around the race!! And several were within 20 feet of the bomb! Very suspect, as what were they doing there in the first place! If they thought there was a bomb and had their bomb-sniffing dogs, then, WHY didn't they clear the area??

They cleared the courthouse, didn't they, but don't ask them a question about this, and for heaven's sake, don't you dare look at other photos!!

Ladies & Gentlemen.....our government is NO longer "accountable".

Bostonians lost freedom to leave their homes, to go to work and school and go to the grocery stores, for God's sake!