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Since you bring up McVeigh,

Since you bring up McVeigh, maybe you can explain how it was that he was pulled-over 50 miles away from the Murrah building in less than 20 minutes time from when the bomb went off. For, McVeigh to have travelled 50 miles in 20 minutes would mean that he(McVeigh) must have been travelling at 150 miles per hour with no stops or slow-downs at all. The fact that he -supposedly- travelled 50 miles in under 20 minutes means that he(McVeigh) would have needed to be travelling at a rate of speed in excess of 150 miles per hour without any stops or slowdowns whatsoever. Taking the stops and slowdowns one would encounter, travelling on nearly all roads -especially since he needed to get out of a city, he(McVeigh) would have had to have been travelling -when able to- in excess of 200 miles per hour. Do you really think that is possible? Do you really think that happened? If so, I would like to read your explanation.