Comment: Innocent patsies or useful idiots?

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Innocent patsies or useful idiots?

There is no way that anyone in this day and age could think that they would not be caught after doing something like this with all the surveillance there is. But my question is the same as always after something "like this": Why? What possible motive would you have to blow up the Boston Marathon? Why would you murder innocent children in a school? Why would you riddle holes in people in a theater?

Who has the most to gain from these acts of violence? That is the question. If these people were mad at the system then why did they not target the "authorities" who run the system. Christopher Dorner was pissed and went after the "authorities" that are responsible and that makes sense. An argument could be made that the Oklahoma bombing was in retaliation for the Waco murders and in Timothy McVeigh's mind that may be just what he was doing and it would make sense. These events lately make no sense at all unless you focus on who has the most to gain.

Like Timothy McVeigh I think these people are useful idiots. I don't call them innocent because I think they "willingly" do what they do but at the covert coercion of the PTB. Mind control may have been used in some way but they had to have the propensity for such action in the first place. They are somehow convinced, by the very powers which they oppose, that these actions will bring about the results they as individuals desire yet it is all for the purposes of the PTB.

I can think of no other logical explanation. Unless they are just what the government says which is just deranged individuals who want to randomly kill people. I could entertain that thought when single individuals do things like this but not when two or more are involved. But in the end we will not know and the government will acquire more power and we will loose more freedom. Who has the most to gain?