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Comment: Simple enough to explain for at least three reasons:

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Simple enough to explain for at least three reasons:

#1 - the government has lost the trust of the People.

When you prove yourself untrustworthy, everything you do is considered "suspect."

That's just human nature.

It is a premise of our country that the government is NEVER to be trusted - the institutions, yes, the Men who temporarily hold the power of those institutions, never.

#2 - the same traits that enable clandestine success are a detriment to providing what should be offered by the private sector.

Compartmentalization doesn't lend to providing "services" in an efficient or effective manner.

However it does enable thousands of people to facilitate an inside job without ever knowing about it - they only know what they are told to do, usually, just a part of their regular jobs. Only a few need to know, or even do know, the bigger picture.

#3 - there is profit in clandestine activity and there is profit in bureaucracy - the first profits in power and loot, the second profits by inertia of purpose to continue taking tax dollars. (aka looting)

There is little power in transparent and lawful government.

If the government isn't pretending to provide services, they can't give kickbacks to their friends and maintain their own salaries,but would have to go out in the real world and be productive.