Comment: All that one has to do is

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All that one has to do is

All that one has to do is look at this event -The Boston Marathon Bombing- and the narrative to see how the government plans to proceed. The patsies are from Chechnia - Can anybody say Immigration reform -total lock-down; with the bombs -supposedly- being made using black-powder or gunpowder, the Feds plan to severely control those -Frank Lautenburg of New Jersey is already proposing a Bill for that. This is similar to when the British tried to confiscate the Powder of Lexington and Concord -it is interesting that the very same people who wouldn't allow the British to do it are clamouring for their own government to do it; how sad and pathetic. We shouldn't forget, that the government thought it was going to have Gun control past, and this could have possibly been instigated when it was to try and ensure the passage; but that failed -for now at least.

So, if the government had its way, then this event would have done what exactly: Gun Control would have Passed, Black Powder and Gun Powder Control would be Passed, Total Immigration Reform would be done including a National ID card and possibly RFID Chipping of individuals would be Passed, and Martial Law would be Cheered and Accepted.

Result, so far: Martial Law has been cheered and accepted, Legislation to control Black-powder and Gunpowder is being openly talked about.

You will see in the coming days and weeks that Immigration reform which will include e-Verify, a National ID card and possibly even RFID chips, will make it to the forefront.