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Comment: "Hey Lindsey you idiot, The Law of War, doesn't apply when there

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"Hey Lindsey you idiot, The Law of War, doesn't apply when there

is no state of war."

"If it did, then the Constitution would have been a complete waste of time back in 1789 even."

"If the Framers thought the Law of War applied whenever you damned well pleased, and would simply side-step the protections of the Constitution, then they wouldn't have bothered to write the thing - you imbecile."

"You Lindsey Graham are in blatant violation of your oath of office to 'Preserve, Protect, and DEFEND the Constitution for the United States of America."

"I hereby call for a warrant to be issued for your immediate arrest, prosecution and conviction, for conspiring to deprive this man, and by precedent, the entire American citizenry of the protections of the Constitution of their inalienable rights, such action on your part being a felony under Federal Law."

"You sir, are a menace to the Peace and Safety of the American people."

"Both your actions and words constitute "a design to reduce the People under absolute Despotism."

"History is not on your side, sir, and neither is the future."