Comment: "Never let a good crisis go to waste" ...

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"Never let a good crisis go to waste" ...

... whether this was a false flag or a real event, the tyrant class has laid their cards on the table.

Remember when Georgie Bush was in office and he/his handlers made the argument that "enemy combatants" were some sort of new class of "persons" such that constitutional rights (or even fundamental rights) do not apply? No charges. No trials. No evidence. Just lock 'em up and torture at will.

Remember that? And remember how libertarians said this is a bad road to go down because the next step would be for statists to start claiming that such treatment was also good for Americans who "did really bad stuff?"

And remember the howls from the tyrant class enablers who said pooh, pooh, whatcha gonna do? Such things would NEEEEEVER EEEEEVER happen in ... AMERUCKU!

Well, now we have it. No Miranda warning means that any charges will have to be thrown out. Now, I am not so naive as to think that any judge is going to have the balls to throw out this case on that issue, but the US Supremes have been showing some backbone here and there lately, and that includes Miranda stuff. So, this is a sticky wicket they have created for themselves, and they have now admitted that they did it ON PURPOSE.

So ... the drum beat will begin that anybody who does such a horrible thing HAS NO RIGHTS, THE CONSTITUTION BE DAMNED ... and we will see just how damn stupid Americans really are these days, as they willingly give up THEIR OWN rights for a little (perceived, non-existent) security.