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You hit the real point that there is a relentless overall agenda

It is like keeping your eye on the money and it will almost always reveal someones true motives. Your idea of the set up part would also explain one of the big questions I had about why these two guys would be there in the first place. As a professional run event and marathon organizer, almost no one goes to spectate at a running event unless they have a friend or loved one participating that they go to watch and support. Boston is somewhat different, as like in New York, London and some of the other major world city marathons the event is enough of a spectacle many more people come out than just friends and family, but I was struggling with why not one participant in the marathon had not stepped forward and said that either of these two was there to watch them finish the race and join in the post race celebration. If they truly did this heinous act, I hope the kid lives to confess, but if they were there as part of a drill that would certainly answer the question. Either way, the whole thing is horrible and the tremendous expense and over allocation of resources to find one 19 old kid boggles the mind. Someone is still taking advantage of the situation to exploit an agenda.