Comment: What are the odds ...

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What are the odds ...

... that 3 guys in each place would look so much alike?

It's not like there are 3 guys in Waterloo, Iowa who look like 3 guys in Long Beach, California.

This is SANDY HOOK and BOSTON. And they are (presumed) law enforcement. #3 looks like a dead ringer, #2 looks like very likely the same guy, and #1 hard to tell because of hat and angle, but certainly cannot be ruled out. And if 2 of the 3 are the same guys, then the 3rd is most likely, too, as they would be working as a team.

Show me any 3 cops, who work as a team, in any city that look almost exactly the same as another 3 cops, who also work as a team, in any other city. I bet nobody can do it.

Again, what are the odds that THESE 3 guys, working together, would look just like 3 other guys working together, in law enforcement, at BOTH Sandy Hook and Boston, where two mass murders occurred?

A trillion to one?