Comment: Yes, the event could have certainly been handled

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Yes, the event could have certainly been handled

Without violating the rights of the accused, or an entire city. It could have easily been handled without explosions, grenades, tanks, 4000 troops, and so much gunfire in the public.

But, then it wouldn't be the show that it is!!! Cheer on the police state! They saved us from the evil doers!!

Nah, those two kids had a formal relationship with the FBI. This whole incident is more about pushing a police state and instilling fear of terror into the American people to allow and justify an increased police presence nationwide. It was the prime time scripted show for the entertainment networks.....nevermind the tragedy in TX which had far more loss of life......the TERROR, TERROR, TERROR zone was top story. Sorry, I just see that word terror far too much, and always in association with our government.