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I don't see why it should.

RE: "are you referring to the humility of christians in believing that they have the grasp of ultimate truth and all the ignorant masses who don't agree with them are going to hell"

When Atheists just as easily promote the idea that they are the ones closest to truth and that religion is full of not just ignorant, but delusional people, then I'm a little surprised you would bring it up. The fact 'that people believe they know the truth', is inescapable. Everyone believes that their beliefs are true, so I don't know where you think it gets you when you point out that Christians believe they are correct. Even if one thinks that they do not know the truth, they still think that they are correct and think they grasp the truth that they do not know the truth. I don't know any Christians who think they know everything. In Christianity, what Christians grasp about truth is not credited to themselves, but to God's unmerited favor towards them. A prerequisite to becoming a Christian is that you acknowledge your own depravity, sinfulness, and inability to save yourself, whereas atheists tend to think of themselves as good people who wouldn't need to be saved even if they thought there was a hell. Christians do not think that they escape hell of their own goodness or merit, but rather they humbly trust in the mercy and grace of God through the atonement of Jesus paying for their sins and dismissing the case against them which would have sent them to hell. Christians did not originate the concept of Hell, that is a teaching of Jesus that they have to humbly live with and acknowledge that it's what they deserved if not for the grace of God.