Comment: I believe that you are

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I believe that you are

I believe that you are operating under false premises:
1) Paranoid -the definition can basically be boiled down to -suspicion without cause -the qualifying clause 'without cause' is what differentiates paranoid with suspicious, cautious,etc.
2) That the government is actually trying to do something beneficial for the people in general

The government has been shown to lie, cheat, and steel, to get what it wants. This should not need be a profound epiphany for anybody to realize -especially not somebody who's been around here. Therefore, one should automatically operate under the premise that if something 'bad' happens then most likely it was the government, unless or until, evidence proves otherwise -especially if the government gains something from the initial action. To think otherwise would be to blindly overlook the vast historical evidence of the government lying, cheating, and steeling to get what it wants. This would not be logical or wise behaviour for an individual to partake in. It would be the frog and scorpion scenario with the government being the scorpion.

You state, the same govt we have zero faith in accomplishing anything is capable of pulling off one conspiracy after another.
What is it that the government isn't capable of accomplishing? As you try to answer that question you will notice that you are operating under a false belief
that the government actually wants a different result then the one that occurs. The government knows that printing excess FRNs leads to inflation -this is not something which escapes them, they just lie about it to the general mindless masses. For if it was something which escapes them, then they would have never have changed the inflation indexing process to indicate the opposite of the truth.

Also, if this kind of fact escaped them, then what would that say about every College and University in existence? This is but one example of how the government/international bankers does realize the reality which is inverse to what it(the Government) claims.

Since it appears that you operate without consistency -the government lies to us except in this case and others like it; one must ask, how -without any proof- do you differentiate when the government is lying and when it isn't?
I'm sure the vast majority of us would like to know your process for identifying a government lie; it would certainly help save some time.