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bear is a much better person than me

How can you say this

Please keep it short Bear, it'll put off other people to have such long posts. Can be a long conversation but lets keep posts short.

and not come off as someone who needs to control the situation/person you are having a discussion with?
I think the only one 'put off' by bear's lengthy comments, which really aren't all that lengthy, is you!
I've read the comments you've written on page one only so don't know if it carries to other pages, But I really don't know what your point is. What is your point? Science trumps religious belief? Tosh! Science can't be greater than its Creator. For me, God is not a 'belief' but a fact. My personal experience of God, which cannot be disected in a lab, is my proof. My journey, my 'tests'. Bear has her own journey and 'tests' which led her to her belief. That these tests can't be duplicated in a lab in a physical sense does not make them void. It just puts them outside of the current realm of science. And may it stay that way. We don't need a GMO'd God.
Bear, you may not be a prophet, but for your patience with favson, you are a saint! ;-)

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison