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I know of mathematical proof

I know of mathematical proof by induction and contradiction but I see no merit in prior assumptions as it is the very point we are debating.

If you can post at the top of the page, the reasoning step by step to prove the bible by such a method without involving faith, I would be happy to address it.

If I stated that the events of Lord of the Rings were true, then can you not by the same methods prove it is true? It claims the events happened in its text, so can we trust it?

The point is it is not up to you to disprove it but for me to offer positive proof of my statement.

Addressing your earlier post about atheists. The term is a misnomer, and the actual belief system of most atheist in my experience is agnostic. We do not state categorically that there cannot be a supernatural god, only that there is no positive evidence yet for such a being. Hope that clears things up.