Comment: hardly surprising..

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hardly surprising..

it's a natural reaction to being manipulated, misdirected, misled and lied to by your parents, your teachers, your "representatives", the news, and hollywood, everyday of your life until you unwittingly stumble upon the truth (if you ever do.)

perhaps people should learn to withhold judgement until there's more evidence.. but i personally wish MORE people just assumed the bastards were inherently nefarious and maliciously involved in all tragic events and wanted proof that they WEREN'T. it would be a far more comfortable world to live in.

maybe then you wouldn't have the federal reserve or aggressive wars.

and if you really believe they aren't good at what they do, i suggest you go back and look at ANY war the US government was involved in. any at all. every last one of them was a result of blatant lies, calculations and omissions with the government and media walking in lock-step with one another. how many people understand this?

if they can get away with what they have, they can get away with anything.

just because their terror ops were mostly relegated to the 3rd world or destroyed countries, doesn't mean it's impossible here. considering the lack of objectivity in the press, it seems like we're primed for exactly that.

a healthy dose of paranoia could do everyone some good.