Comment: well, I don't agree with your foundational argument--

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well, I don't agree with your foundational argument--

". . . the same government *we* have zero faith in accomplishing anything . . ."

Oh, I think this government has accomplished MUCH by way of giving in to the interests of huge corporations, becoming socialistic, encouraging oppression around the world, pulling off massive, destructive perpetual warfare, invading under cover hundreds of countries around the world and generally encouraging mass propaganda for all of the agendas of the huge corporations, 'private' groups of "planners" and its own perpetuation.

I think the government has been highly effective in destroying liberty and oppressing all who value personal responsibility. It's also done a good job of fostering social engineering and perpetuating educational systems that promote propaganda.

So, I don't agree with your premise.

The idea that the people in Washington who are 'duly' elected are bumblers . . .

is a cover for a group of people who appear bumbling, because they probably know very little of what is going on behind the scenes, but they are still playing their parts quite effectively--

paranoid? An overused word--

Suspicious? You bet your life I am suspicious. And *I* am not *we*.


Now breathe.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--