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No doubt in my mind that

No doubt in my mind that rogue government uses any and all means of controlling people even to carrying out assassinations etc... Question is who are the people in government willing to carry out these evils in brainwashing others to do their dirty work. I would think very few who join the FBI etc. have any intention of doing things like this and join because the wrongly believe they would be doing some good in stopping crime etc...

Or perhaps they have this down to a science where they can mind control enough who join to carry out these things?...

This whole bombing things is to nice and neat of a package for me. They have their suspect other suspect is dead the people cheering with no evidence warrants etc. and that's rap now people can get back to their routines and forget all about this whole thing.

So what did they do while we are all distracted by this whole thing?

I have to admit I am a bit skeptical of the first video the Brown TV show and some of the things done there so easily. Like the guy who he shakes hands with and puts him to sleep immediately and the people not being able to get out of their seats etc. That looks too staged for TV for me to swallow. If so many people are really that easily susceptible to autosuggestion that's pretty scary...

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